Hello and Welcome to Cloud’s Corner!


A candle loses nothing from lighting another candle.

– James Keller

Welcome! My name is Ashley Cloud and I created Cloud’s Corner because I wanted to have one place where I can share lots of information about everything from the law to the best places to thrift in D.C. I’m often approached about how I navigated through law school and even how I style my hair and how I can remain stylish without breaking the bank. I have never submitted to the idea that you can only succeed if you keep others out of the loop and don’t share things you’ve learned throughout your life. I definitely don’t have all the answers, and that’s why I am constantly learning and seeking new experiences and relationships.

I’m originally from Houston, Texas where I was born and raised until I moved to D.C. in 2012 for law school. I attended Howard University School of Law, which was my first experience going to school and learning in an environment where everyone looked like me. My experience at Howard led me to chart out my own path, often going against the grain. I co-founded the Fashion Law Society at Howard Law, the first of its kind in D.C. I also completed the MBA program while studying law. I am licensed to practice law in New York and Washington, DC and have worked for the local and federal government as an attorney.

I believe that life is about balance. I’ve always been the friend that was on top of her work in school, but could also have a good time when I got the chance. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I don’t believe God would have placed me where I am today if I wasn’t supposed to be here.

I’m sure as I get more comfortable with sharing more about myself, I will update this section. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or comments!

xoxo Ash


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