Why I will NEVER get a Brazilian Blowout

 Living in D.C., I have been tempted so many times to get a Brazilian Blowout. So far, I have stayed strong and stayed away from them. The results of getting one’s hair blown out leaves you with a SLAY for all the world to see…silky, bouncy, beautifulness. Just umph! However, I have seen what getting repeated blowouts can do to your hair.

First, I must say, one of the keys to keeping my hair healthy has been to stay away from heat as much as possible. This is why I only use heat once or twice a year.

Second, because I am comfortable with not keeping my hair straight year-round, like many women with natural hair do, I am perfectly okay with my hair not being what some call “heat trained.” For those who are unaware, your hair is considered “heat trained” when it is not quick to frizz after it’s been straightened, and is much easier to get bone straight and super silky. Unfortunately, when someone’s hair is considered “heat trained,” the reason it’s more manageable when straight is because the hair has been heat damaged. 🙈

I have heard many horror stories of people going to get a blow out where the stylist will blow dry their hair for a long period of time, pass the flat iron over the hair multiple times, and I’ve even heard of some stylists including a relaxer in the conditioner when they wash the person’s hair. 😩  I’m sure there are reputable stylists that don’t engage in any of this behavior, but I feel they may be in the minority and it’s just not worth it to me to take that chance. No no no. I’m too scared to even consider it. 🙈


One thought on “Why I will NEVER get a Brazilian Blowout

  1. Love your hair, blow-outs make naturals look like super pretty lionesses. As I was reading I was thinking…heat trained is synonymous with heat damaged, but let me not say that; glad we thinking alike!


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