Happy Hour Gem: El Chucho in Columbia Heights

Anyone that knows me knows that I. LOVE. HAPPY HOUR!!! There is almost nothing better (besides sleeping) than being able to head to a good happy hour after dealing with the hustle and bustle of the city. The drinks are flowing, the bites are yummy and they come out quickly, and everyone is happy! I pride myself on staying in the loop with the latest and greatest happy hour spots, but I always have a few Old Faithfuls. One of my favs, El Chucho, is right in the neighborhood.

El Chucho is located at 3313 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20010 in Columbia Heights and has a BOMB happy hour. I usually order the al pastor (pork) tacos (2 for $3), an El Codo, the house margarita ($4.50), an elote street corn, ($2.50), and guacamole ($5), which we share. You can have a whole meal and drink for about $15 if you’re greedy like me! 🙂 Check out the full happy hour menu here.

I am from Texas so my standards for Mexican food are probably higher than for most DC peeps, and this place is gooood! The guac is yummy and is always fresh. The drinks are amazing and the El Codo is on tap! The atmosphere is very chill and laid back. I am definitely a regular here. Check it out!

Also, check out this extremely helpful article from the Washington Post on where you can score food and drink specials for every day of the week! Click here.

Disclaimer: The is not an ad. This is my review of El Chucho and only reflects my opinion of the restaurant. I was not paid or solicited to provide this review.


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