Graduation Hair Styles for Natural Hair

This is for anyone that has yet to figure out what to do with their hair for graduation. Last year, I was so stumped on what to do with my hair. These were the issues that caused me such a dilemma:

  • We had a ceremony outside and it had been cold and raining so straight hair wouldn’t work
  • I wanted my hair to be nice, but also small enough to fit under my cap
  • I wanted to have fun hair for after graduation when I turn up!

This is what I decided to do. Everything worked out exactly as I planned and I was happy with the results:

During Graduation week: Two-Strand Twist Bun 

I decided to twist all of my hair up in preparation for a two-strand twistout. This style is cute and requires little maintenance, which is great when you don’t have a lot of time and are overwhelmed with graduation festivities. Pictorial of this style Here.

Graduation Ceremony: Textured Updo


The 2nd and 3rd pictures are not from graduation day, but this is the exact style that I did that day. Had I not been completely delirious off of no sleep, I would have thought to take pictures, but there was WAY too much going on to even think. All you do is untwist your twists ONCE and just start pinning up your hair and sculpting it into the look you want. It probably took me a good 10-15 minutes to go from Look 1 to Look 2. I give a short step-by-step for this style here under “Hair”.

Graduation Turnup: Two-Strand Twistout


Once again, this is not a picture from that night, but I still wanted to provide you with a picture of a twistout I unraveled after having my hair in twists for a week. Clearly the turnup was REAL since I have like no pictures from that night haha. After the ceremony, I simply unpinned my hair, placed oil on my finger tips, and separated the twists further until I got my desired look. Super quick and easy! 😀

I know graduation is such a mix of emotions. You’re so happy to be graduating and to have all your people there to support you, but you are also bogged down with details like what to wear, where to go, and where is Grandpa?! lol The list goes on and on. Hopefully this post will alleviate your stress if you’re still trying to figure out what to do with your hair. Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU DID IT! 

xoxo Ashley


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