Thanksgiving Bust: When Straightening Your Hair Goes Wrong

This past week was Thanksgiving! YAY! I had been counting down the days for probably 2 or 3 months smh. I have a decent sized group of friends from Texas and we got together for our 5th Annual “Trill Thanksgiving” in Bowie, MD. Since DC was experiencing somewhat of a cold front, I decided I’d straighten my hair – something I hadn’t done since Snowmageddon in January – so I was excited to see how my hair would look straight. After hours of blowdrying, flat ironing, and curling, here were my results!

I must say, I was PRETTY proud of myself. For one, going 10 months with no heat and because I can work that flat iron pretty good! lol Usually I wait until it is the dead of winter to straighten my hair because the tiniest bit of humidity or heat will made my hair turn into a bush…and what do ya know….fullsizerender-3That’s exactly what happened! My hair poofed up so fast, we hadn’t even made it to our destination before it was one big lion’s mane! smh. I’ve learned my lesson for the umpteenth time: If it is not literally freezing outside, i.e. 32 degrees or below, don’t touch that flat iron!!

img_5082Although my hair was somewhat of a mess, I didn’t let it stop me from enjoying the DELICIOUS food and wine *wink* or spending quality time with my crazy, amazing friends! ❤

P.S. Dress found on (Not an AD)

XOXO – Ash



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