5 Tips for the BEST ASOS Shopping Experience

A friend of mine suggested that I try shopping on ASOS.com about 5 years ago and I have been hooked ever since! Shortly after I signed up to receive emails from ASOS, I won a $1000 sweepstakes so umm let’s just say, ASOS is “bae” in my book. I’ve told some of my friends about the great deals you can find on the site and a few of them have voiced their hesitation. Some people are overwhelmed by all of the options and others are just not a fan of online shopping. Here are a few tips that have made my ASOS shopping experiences amazing every time:

  1. Filters, Filters, Filters!


ASOS has a ton of inventory and a lot of great merchandise, but sometimes, you only want to look for a specific item. This is why I utilize as many filters as possible so, I’m not wasting my time scrolling through items that I know I’m  not interested in. This will also make it a lot less overwhelming when you’re browsing the site. My favorite filters are the “price” and “size” filters. The last thing I want is to get excited about an awesome dress that’s in size 0 or costs $595! 

 2. Set a Budget 

The price filter is a great tool to help you stay within your budget. Usually, I will cut my self off at a certain price. For example, I might say “I need a dress for a party that costs no more than $50.” Once I scroll past the last $50 dress, I stop looking and am not tempted at more expensive items because I don’t see them unless I keep scrolling.


I scored this dress for $22! (It’s currently $15.50!)

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Return Items

I know some people are hesitant to buy online because they think it may be difficult to return the item if it doesn’t work out. ASOS makes it SO easy to return items. It may take a couple weeks before you have your money, but they leave you a return label and all the information you need to drop your return in the mail, free of charge.


One easy trick is to save the package your shipment came in and place your return items right back in there and send it off! So don’t let the fear of returns (or the lack thereof) deter you from taking a risk on an item you aren’t sure about!

4.  Use Discounts and the Honey App!!

If you’re a student, ASOS has “Unidays,” where you can get 10% off of your purchase. All you have to do is log in with your student email address and you will get a special coupon code for your purchase. capture1

You can also download the Honey App which is great for ALL online shopping. It’s an add-on to Google Chrome that will sense when you’re shopping and gather any and all coupon codes that might be eligible for your purchase. It saves a lot of time trying to google each discount code website.

5. Utilize the “Save Item” Feature 

If you have patience and want to get the best deal, you should consider using the “Save Item” feature. You can save items for up to 60 days and if you’re lucky, the price will drop as the days go by! I have watched some of the prices of my saved items reduced by 20-30%. You can also see if your item is low in stock to help you decide whether you need to purchase the item right away!save

BONUS TIP!! – ASOS Premier Delivery!


If you are a frequent ASOS shopper and don’t like to wait a week for your deliveries, it may be worth it to you to sign up for Premier Delivery! I recently signed up for Premier because I sometimes find myself in need of a cute, affordable piece and don’t have the luxury of waiting for it to arrive in a week. If you ever find yourself opting for 2-day shipping ($12), you might as well just sign up for Premier for the extra $7 because you get Unlimited 2-day shipping for a year at not additional cost! 

Let me know if these tips are helpful to you and feel free to share any additional tips you have for shopping at ASOS.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo Ash


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