Birthday Month Freebies!

Happy February folks! I turn 30 this month, and I’m ready to celebrate! 


In honor of my birthday month, I’m going to partake in my yearly ritual of signing up for birthday freebies and discounts! Who doesn’t love a good freebie, especially to celebrate your birthday?! Check out this awesome list I found from “Hey, it’s Free,” that lists a lot of awesome free things you can get for your birthday. Here are my favs from the list:

Au Bon Pain Free sandwich or salad
Baskin Robbins Free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream or a swirl of soft serve
Benihana’s Free $30 gift certificate with the purchase of a 2nd adult entree.
Jason’s Deli $5 off any item
Maggianos Coupon for $10 off any check of $30 or more
Pinkberry Free small yogurt with toppings

Some places, like Ra Sushi, will even give you a coupon for your HALF birthday!


Happy Birthday to you all!

xoxo – Ash


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