Happy Hour: MXDC in Metro Center

Hello loves! I visited MXDC in Metro Center for happy hour and want to share my experience. MXDC is a semi-upscale Mexican restaurant located in the Metro Center area located near the Hamilton. Although the food was good, the service was subpar, but I’ll get to that in a second.

Happy Hour Food Menu


We ordered the Nachos, Rockfish Ceviche, Carne Asada Tacos, and the Kabra Quesadilla to share. The Quesadilla was more like a Mexican pizza and my friend didn’t really care for it, but I loved it lol. They also brought us some chips with delicious salsa.




Rockfish Ceviche


Carne Asada Tacos


Kabra Quesadilla

Happy Hour Drink Menu


For drinks, we ordered the Tempranillo and the Evan Williams with grapefruit Juice


Although our food and drinks were delish, the service was AWFUL. My friend got there a few minutes before me and had only been given a water. I sat down and about 10 minutes went by as we watched the waiters serve everyone else’s table without even trying to make eye contact with us. Finally, I spoke to the hostess and she told me that I had to go to the bar to order. But there were other people getting served all around us!

So I got the attention of one of the waitstaff and they also told me that I had to go to the bar. Yes, I said someone from the WAIT STAFF told me that I had to go to the bar to order, as I watched him and a couple other waiters take orders from other patrons and provide them with whatever they needed. No one else ever got up from their seat to take an order except us.

Eventually, I went to the bar and I spoke to who I guess was a manager. I told him I was sitting at a table and needed to order and HE told me that we should have been able to have our order taken by one of the waitstaff. Welp, obviously that didn’t happen, which is why I was at the bar. The manager was friendly and took our order with no problems.


I thought the annoyance was over, but I was wrong. We finished our food and were HUNGRY (obviously, look at those clean plates haha) and wanted to order more items. However, these empty plates weren’t bussed for at least 10 or so minutes. I got tired of looking at them and moved them to the empty table next to us (Yes there were empty tables because they were not THAT busy). Eventually, I went back up to the bar to order again and the manager was like “What’s going on?” and I told him that no one would serve us. He gave us our second round of drinks for free, but I’m still not sure if I will return to MXDC after my experience dealing with the stubborn waitstaff who refused to serve us. This wasn’t my first time visiting MXDC, but it might have been my last unless I sit at the bar or just don’t come for happy hour at all  😦

Have you been to MXDC? What was your experience? Let me know!

xoxo Ash


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