$43 Thrifting HAUL – Value Village

So as you may know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to thrift! My favorites items to thrift are pieces for work because I honestly don’t care to spend much on work clothes and sometimes I can score great name brand vintage pieces. What’s not to love?! On national holidays, my favorite thrift store in the DMV, Value Village, has a huge 50% off sale so I got there bright and early on MLK Day and stopped by. Below are all* of the items that I got for $43. YES. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, $43!!








So yeah, like I said – I found these pieces for $43 total. Do you hear me!? If you haven’t gotten into thrifting, I would at least give it a try. If you need some tips on how to thrift, check out my Thrifting Survival Guide here.

Happy Thrifting!

xoxo Ash

*The black long sleeve top is not from my haul, but I needed a shirt to wear with the skirts. I also bought a nice Green and White stripe Banana Republic Button Down that I have yet to get dry cleaned, so it isn’t included in the haul.

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